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Everyday – Prostate Health

Lycopene: What is it?

Can I just eat tomatoes and get enough Lycopene?

How does Vitamin D3 help with prostate health?

Why Vitamin E?

Selenium and Prostate health?

Decaffeinated Green Tea in Silexin?


What is BPH?

Who should use URIXIN?

How effective is URIXIN?

How safe is URIXIN?

What are the key ingredients in Urixin and what do they do?

How is URIXIN different from other BPH products?

Are there any other benefits?

Can I take this as a daily multi vitamin for overall prostate health or prevention of BHP? 


For Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis/ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Relief

What is Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis, also known as Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

What are the signs and symptom?

Why does CNBP/CPPS develop?

How is it diagnosed?

What medications can I take to help with CNBP/CPPS?

How can the ingredients found in Relexin help with CNBP/CPPS?

How effective is Relexin?

Can I take RELEXIN as a daily strategy for prevention of prostatitis (CNBP)/CPPS?


What is PharmaNAC?

How does PharmaNAC convert back to cysteine in my body

Can’t I get enough L-cysteine from my diet?

Are there any side effects?

When and how should I take PharmaNAC?

How does glutathione eliminate free radicals in the body?

What factors decrease glutathione in my body?    

How does PharmaNAC support respiratory function?

Is it safe to take NAC with my other medications?

My local health store sells NAC already in capsules. What’s the difference?

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